Do Glow In The Dark Graphic Tees Work?

Glow In THe Dark Graphic Tees

Glow in the dark graphic tees have become increasingly  more popular in the fashion industry as its photoluminescent properties yield higher visibility and can enhance any graphic design. With them, artists, brands, and entrepreneurs have found the perfect way to stand out in a crowd, all the while wearing their favorite designs and messages. Many people who are not familiar with glow in the dark apparel, but have interest in them often wonder if they really do  glow in the dark.

And the short answer is: Yes. Glow in the dark tees are created using two processes and two different inks. The first involves creating a bright white base and once this base dries, a special glow in the dark ink is applied. The chemical reaction behind this effect is known as photo luminescence.  Although they have been used for decades, most recently, they have become more fashionable again due to their luminescent effect, which can be visible even in the most intense darkness. The intensity with which these shirts glow depends on the quality of the production process. At Trust the Universe, we use only the best quality ink to lend the highest intensity glow to the graphic t-shirts. 

Trust The Universe Glow In The Dark Tees

You can find a wide variety of products that glow in the dark at Trust the Universe. To make our glow in the dark apparel even more unique, we have  added more  novelty techniques to the graphics such as crystal mineral washes and raised puff. Our graphics also highlight positive messaging and manifestation. If you are looking for Glow in the Dark Graphic Tees that you can feel good about wearing,  you can find them here because our garments are  produced with only the highest quality goods.

In addition to our Glow in the Dark Graphic Tees, we also carry a collection of shorts and joggers. Our bottoms have been designed with graphics that inspire and represent progressive growth, which pairs perfectly with the positive messaging of our glow in the dark tees. We are aware that there are moments in life when it seems that our faith is being tested. However, without a doubt, we can always overcome and transcend, and that is what we try to represent in our garments. 

We have several designs for you if you are looking for styles that represent your personality and how you feel. 

How do they work?

Glow in the Dark Graphic Tees, and other similar garments charge with UV light, which can come from natural or artificial sources. Being photoluminescent garments, the longer they are exposed to these rays, the higher the charge, allowing the designs to glow in the dark for an extended period of time. 

Although it may vary a little depending on the type of garment, a minimum charging time of 5 to 10 minutes is usually recommended. Although they work with both natural sunlight and artificial light, we recommend that you use natural  sunlight, as the charge is more intense than with artificial light.         

How to use them?

We recommend wearing the Glow in the Dark Graphic Tees after charging them under natural sunlight so that they can glow brightly. This will also make it easier for you to charge the T-shirt with positive energy and manifest it through the garment.

Within our website, you will find a wide variety of garments with special messages and images that  express both positive manifestations and words of encouragement for those who wear our garments.

Illuminate your environment with our shirts

Trust The Universe is the store you need if you are interested in wearing  Glow in the Dark Graphic Tees. We have incredible designs designed especially for you and what your energy represents. We want you to be able to  manifest your  best vibes in each garment.

We handle fabrics and inks of the best quality so that your shirt can have a longer lifespan than what is commonly found in garments of this kind, so you can rest assured that you will enjoy your shirt or garment for a long time.

We know that the universe has many good things to offer. All you need to do is  ask and it will be granted. Manifest all the good things you expect from the universe with one of our Glow in the Dark Graphic Tees and enjoy all the moments and gifts  that  come into your life. 

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