How Does Glow In The Dark Work

How Does Glow In The Dark Work

Things that glow in the dark have always fascinated us; paying attention to an object that illuminates a space in the dark will not fail to be a great attraction for our eyes. For years, it has been seen in nightclubs how phosphorescent lighting makes the atmosphere much better to enjoy a place with enough lighting.

That is why over the years, there have been thousands of objects or items that can light up in the dark. Although, of course, unlike decades ago, these objects have evolved both in the materials used and in the different things that can make their light in the dark; however, only a few know how does glow in the dark work.

The Science Behind Glow in the Dark

There is a scientific explanation that helps to understand how does glow in the dark work. In some cases, certain items get that illumination with the help of some kind of light. For example, in alcoholic beverages, black light or ultraviolet light causes these drinks to glow in the dark without needing a particular chemical.

However, some other items, such as black or ultraviolet light, can glow in the dark without needing external help. How does glow in the dark work in these products? In some cases, this luminosity is due to some chemical reactions, such as the chemiluminescence of glow sticks. But what about other objects like those stars that stick on the ceiling and glow, or how the paint can glow in the dark without the need for light?

It is simple to understand how does glow in the dark work in these objects since this glow is thanks to phosphorescence. This is a photoluminescent process in which a material absorbs energy and slowly releases it in visible light. Fluorescent materials release light in fractions of seconds, which, although not enough to illuminate large spaces, generates this luminosity. A chemical called phosphor is added to this process to enhance brightness and add color, which is how glow in the dark works.

Types of Glow in the Dark Materials

As mentioned above, most of these products contain glow-in-the-dark elements such as paint and plastic. This is not to say that it can't be implemented in some other material.

There is currently a trend in glow-in-the-dark themed parties, which has made it possible to apply this glow in the dark to other materials, such as fabric and food, among other things. To make a list of all the items capable of producing their light with the help of this compound would be endless; fortunately, none of these are harmful to people, as some are manufactured more for everyday use, thus making no allergic reaction or another aspect to the contact.

Applications of Glow in the Dark

When talking about party decorations, we refer to some objects, such as glasses or plates, that can glow in the dark without the help of any black light; at the same time, these products are not harmful to people.

Since the holiday theme was mentioned, as you may remember, the fabric is one of the materials capable of glowing in the dark on its own. One trend that has been emerging for years now is glow-in-the-dark clothing. As part of the glow in the dark party themes, using a pair of tennis shoes, hats, a pair of pants, or some glow in the dark shirts is one of the best applications nowadays.

DIY Glow in the Dark Projects

Understanding how does glow in the dark work is more accessible than one might think. It is unnecessary to purchase any object with this feature, as there are several ideas that one could do oneself with the help of glow in the dark paint creativity.

For example, at glow-in-the-dark themed parties, various games such as painting bottles and bowling are often played. You can even make crafts where you can put glow-in-the-dark paint on them. Instead of going to the market and buying glow-in-the-dark stars, you can make your jars with this feature, whether they are jars to decorate the room or to drink your favorite beverages.

Safety and Health concerns

Not all glow-in-the-dark paints or products have the same quality, as some are made with chemical elements that can harm the environment or oneself. That is why you should always read the aspects with which such an article is composed because they can produce radiation in some cases. Even knowing how does glow in the dark work, caution should be taken when leaving a product such as paint within reach of children.

Fortunately, other items, such as glow-in-the-dark clothing, can be used without these concerns, explicitly designed for everyday use. At Trust The Universe, we have a varied catalog of products capable of producing their light in the dark, with the guarantee that this luminosity will last even after several uses.

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