Embody the Essence of Rave Culture in Our Glow in the Dark Shirts

Glow in the Dark Shirts

Music events and festivals have become more and more popular, as they are not only opportunities to boost the economy, but are also a great way for people to connect with others through music. Raves are all about acceptance and inclusivity and these values are celebrated in a raver’s motto: PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect). In line with these values, Trust the Universe encourages enlightenment and positivity, which is why our glow in the dark shirts are the perfect piece for your next rave fit.

The reason why people prefer to wear our shirts at festivals

We manufacture our garments with the highest-quality materials made to last. You can find unique pieces with incredible designs, without having to worry about it wearing and tearing while dancing the night away.

Our t-shirts can be worn day to night and their eye-catching designs are excellent for standing out from the crowd. 

Feel the unique experience offered by our glow-in-the-dark shirts

Because our brand strives to bring love and strength, our graphics and positive messaging are great conversation pieces that will encourage others to do the same. We have also created a unique wash that we have coined “crystal mineral washes”. Just as you would charge a crystal, our shirts charge with UV light. Set your manifestations and intentions as your shirts charge and watch it glow and attract what you desire most.

Our exclusive designs, quality of our garments, and enlightened messaging are some of the reasons why we have become such a sought after brand.

Connect with us

Raves and music festivals are the perfect place to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level. It is important to keep your mind in a positive space when doing so and our glow in the dark shirts help you to do that. Whether you need help with getting clarity on your intentions or working towards your goals, we are here to help get rid of your limiting beliefs. Follow us on our social media platforms and  Instagram page to see our daily affirmations in our highlights and stories to further help you on your journey: https://www.instagram.com/ttuniverseshop/

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