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Glow In The Dark T-shirts

Raves have become an alternative nightlife experience where people gather to dance, listen to music, and have fun. These rave parties feature fast-paced, repetitive electronic music with accompanying light shows that blend music, art, and social ideals- peace, love, unity, respect (PLUR).

Light up your surroundings with our t-shirts

To match the high energy and lighting experience at your next rave, wear our collection of glow in the dark t-shirts that charges with UV light and glows differently in varying lighting conditions. Make sure to check out our instagram page in our “Review” highlights for a detailed video of our shirts glowing in different lighting:

Currently, we have two glow in the dark t-shirts collections. The first collection is called Words to Live By and it incorporates positive graphic messaging, which is perfect when connecting with others and trading kandi. Participate in the PLUR culture, spread positivity to those around you, and dance the night away. Our second collection, Trippy Glow showcases our interpretation of higher states of consciousness. This collection evokes a dimensional out of world experience with our mind bending graphics, which is further highlighted in our trippy crystal tie dye wash that glows electrically in the night. Have all your friends in a trance and add these must have pieces in your rave kit for your next event!

What do Trust The Universe Brand T-shirts convey?

The universe has many ways of imparting light and guidance, but in order to be ready to receive them it is necessary to be clear in what we are asking for. If you are uncertain, the answers will be unclear. Speak clearly and directly to the universe. 

Taking that into account, Trust the Universe has created glow in the dark t-shirts with messages that meet your needs. Our graphics help to recognize what it is that we are asking the universe for and allows you to tune in to the energy surrounding you, preparing  you for what is to come. Charge our graphics with your intentions in the sun and watch it glow at night!

Pants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are just some clothes you can wear to rave parties to achieve progressive growth. Within our platform, you will be able to find specific collections and shop glow in the dark t-shirts to help your being overcome the challenges that life brings.

Love, hope, and gratitude are just some of the energies our garments transmit. We also carry a line of mineral wash shorts that pair perfectly with our glow in the dark t-shirts and carry a line of joggers and hoodies for when it gets cold later in the night at your rave. Our bottoms and hoodies are made with heavyweight super soft fleece to keep you cozy and warm, which makes them great pieces to have when you are camping at the rave. All of these pieces like our glow in the dark tees carry positive messaging, which is why they are the perfect accompaniment to our t-shirts. 

Connect with us

At Trust The Universe, you can be confident that the glow in the dark t-shirts we carry shine all night long. Using only the highest grade glow in the dark ink, our shirts will glow with minimal lighting, as you can see in our review video on Instagram. The treated ink is dispersed evenly throughout the garment so you can be sure that there are no missing patches like some glow in the dark clothing in the market today.

So if you are looking to shop glow in the dark t-shirts for your next rave event, you have come to the right place. Let us take your trippy ensemble to the next level with our glow in the dark messaging and crystal mineral wash graphics so you can be ready to totally “tripp” out this festival season!

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